Living: 2009-2011

Regular Presentation

Ident – Glitter

Ident – Paint

Ident – Swing

Break Bumper – Logo Daytime

Break Bumper – Logo Evening

Break Bumper – Lanterns

Break Bumper – Paint

Break Bumper – DIY

Break Bumper – Balloons

Break Bumper – Light / Glitter / Garden

Weekend Presentation

Ident – HANGOVERtv

Presentation during the morning and early afternoon on Saturdays and Sundays is under the identity of ‘HANGOVERtv’, and Sunday afternoons and teatime under the identity ‘Sunday Best’.


Menu – Sunday Best

Crime/Medical Presentation

Programmes such as Criminal Minds and CSI form a significant part of evening programming on Living, and special presentation surrounds these programmes.

Ident – Broken Glass

Ident – Armed Response Team

Ident – Crime Scene

Break Bumper – Security Guard

Break Bumper – Flashlight

Break Bumper – Broken Glass

Break Bumper – Laser Room

Break Bumper – Crime Scene 1

Break Bumper – Crime Scene 2

Other Presentation

Programme Menus

Regular Promos

Special Promos




Film Break Static

Cross-Channel Promo


Living HD Promo

Living HD Promo – Golden Globes 2011