Sky Sports News: 2007-2009

A new look for Sky Sports News was introduced at 7am on 5 August 2007, in time for the new football season. The revamp is part of a wider reimaging of the Sky Sports brand across all channels. The main presentation structure was retained, including the right hand information box displaying transfers and league table. The ticker at the bottom of the screen was also retained, however changed from white to red, with the yellow and black breaking news ticker being slightly tweaked but is largely similar to before. One of the largest changes occurred with the headline ticker, which has changed from blue to white, and which now has a tabbed effect showing the viewer what headlines are coming next. Along with the changes to on-screen presentation, the revamp also included a new studio, new title sequences and a new theme tune. However, the channel did not change to a 16:9 Widescreen broadcasting format, instead it remained in a 4:3 format as it was before the revamp. All of the old music has now been replaced and now every show uses the track Requiem for a Tower, Movement 4 by Corner Stone Cues.

Top of the Hour

Programme Titles
One example of a programme introduction. All programmes (bar Soccer Saturday/Special) use these titles.

Graphics used to link into the top story of the hour.