UK Gold Classics, UKTV’s first digital-only channel, was launched in October 1998; around this time UK Gold began to move towards newer programmes instead of older ones; the ‘classics’ lineup included a number of early shows, including some black-and-white programmes, which had been acquired in the early years of the UK Gold service. The ‘Classics’ format lasted just seven months, however; from 2 April 1999, the channel was renamed to UK Gold 2, and screened morning programmes from UK Gold time-shifted to the evening of the same day.

UKG2 Presentation

Nov 2003 – March 2004

The UK Gold subsidiary channel was again relaunched with a completely new programme line-up and renamed UKG² on 12 November 2003. The channel was promoted as being an edgier alternative to UK Gold; like that channel, the output was mainly comedy from the BBC with some shows produced inhouse. A fair amount is similar to the comedy output of UK Play/Play UK before that channel’s closure; however, unlike Play, the channel did not include music videos.

March 2004 – October 2007

Along with the rest of the UKTV network, the “UK” prefix was changed to “UKTV” on 8 March 2004 and therefore the channel name changed to UKTV G2. The continuity announcer, Colin Murnane, had been known to make fun of the extreme length of the full name saying that “it’s for watching rather than saying”, “more laughs than letters in its name” or “more letters than Postman Pat” “Ucktavagahtoo for watching not pronouncin” and according to Digital Spy said “just what this channel needs a show with two more letters. This is QI on UKTV G2 on th B O X”.

UKTV G2 (previously known as UK Gold Classics, then UK Gold 2, then UKG²) was a television channel broadcasting in the United Kingdom as part of the UKTV network of channels. It launched in October 1998, initially to timeshift UK Gold programming, and latterly for comedy programming. Since 15 October 2007 it has been known as Dave.

Ident – Bikes

Ident – Office

Break Bumper


G2 Promo, with thanks to Benriggers for the pics