UKTV History

UKTV History launched on 30 October 2002 as UK History, as a channel for the UKTV network’s historic documentaries, which were previously found UK Horizons. The majority of programming on the channel is sourced from the BBC programme archive, through the part ownership of the channel by BBC Worldwide. The launch of the channel also coincided with the launch of the new digital terrestrial provider Freeview. The service remained unchanged until 8 March 2004, when the channel changed its name in line with the rest of the UKTV network to UKTV History.

The channel was available full-time on all platforms until 15 October 2007 when the hours were reduced on the Freeview platform, resulting in the channel stopping broadcasting at 6pm each day. This was a result of the launch of Dave, which took over UKTV History broadcast capacity. UKTV History took over the slot used by the unsuccessful UKTV Bright Ideas that was sharing a slot with Virgin1 and Babestation.

As part of a network wide programme of relaunching all the UKTV channels under unique names and brands, the channel was renamed as Yesterday on 2 March 2009.

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October 2002 – March 2004

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UK History Bumper

UK History Programme Slide

UK History Promos / Misc Pres

March 2004 – March 2009

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Widescreen version of the Ident

Green Ident,
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