BBC Two: Christmas 2015

On Tuesday 1st December 2015, BBC Two launched their Christmas presentation. This year’s package consists of recycled idents from years past, from the 2000 Christmas ident to the idents used the December before. However, the beautiful soundtracks that used to accompany these idents have been traded for a choir religiously chanting the word “two” to the tunes of many well-known Christmas carols.


Frosty ‘2000’ ident
This ident was first used at Christmas in 2000 and was subsequently reintroduced to coincide with the 2006 Winter Olympics. It was reinstated for a second time at 21.00pm on Tuesday 1st December 2015 with new music. Its new soundtrack consists of a choir “twoing” to the melody of ‘Jingle Bells‘.

Christmas Tree ‘2001’ ident
This ident was originally introduced in December 2001 and used for the three subsequent Christmases. This ident was first used at 12.35am on Wednesday 2nd December on BBC TWO NI; the song chosen for this ident is ‘Ding Dong Merrily on High‘.

Snowman ‘2002’ ident
This ident was originally introduced in December 2002 and used for the two subsequent Christmases. The first Christmas ident to air in this year’s package, it was also the first to use the new ‘soundtracks’ – the song chosen for this ident is ‘Deck the Halls‘.

Turkeys ident
Originally introduced in 2011 and used every Christmas since, this ident has also had its soundtrack changed, this time to ‘Carol of the Bells‘.

Northern Ireland news ident
Originally introduced in December 2013 in Northern Ireland exclusively, this ident is used to introduce serious programming such as Newsnight and Daily Politics. However, its conservatism is lost with its new soundtrack, being ‘Ring Christmas Bells‘.


Snowman sting


Food trail

Rudolf Nureyev: Dance to Freedom trail
The first Christmas themed trail to air, it briefly shows the 2000 Christmas ident as a projection.

Northern Ireland trail
Shortly after launching their Christmas presentation, BBC Two Northern Ireland revised their end board design, covering up the boxless logo with a boxed logo.

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two trail
Strictly trails are infamous for their lack of quality. Fortunately, the trail for It Takes Two proves that the new end board design is fool proof.

Scottish Promo

Menus and slides

Sign Zone slides
The designs from 2011 were reused, albeit with the new ‘snowflake’ logo.

BBC Sport NI slides
BBC Two Northern Ireland created their own slides to promote local sporting events.