Voices of 4

On 17th November 2016 Channel 4 launched its new diversity initiative, Voices of 4, which resulted in the broadcaster inviting people from all backgrounds across the UK who have a connection to the number four to appear on screen and introduce peak shows.

The broadcaster’s creative agency 4creative has recruited 17 people from across the UK to introduce prime time shows in 130 slots, Included in the lineup is a blind footballer who wears the number 4 shirt, or a Year 4 class at the world’s only Manx Gaelic speaking school, driver of the number 4 bus in Edinburgh and a drag queen who performs at no. 4 Canal Street in Manchester. The idents last aired on 11 December.

Drag Artist: Divina De campo




Lothian Bus Driver: Melissa


Kanneh Mason family
Each member of the family took turns to speak.

Baby and Mum: Cat and Casper

Aaron and Drew

Basketball player: Joe

Indian Wedding Dress Fitter

Footballer: Dan



Pole Dance: Deb
two variation were made:

Manx Gaelic School ident No1

Manx Gaelic School ident No2

Rugby player: Jo

This ident will be added shortly.