ITV Central (formerly Central Independent Television and commonly known as just Central) is the British Independent Television contractor for the Midlands, succeeding ATV on 1 January 1982.

With thanks to Andrew wood, Benriggers, Transdiffusion and TV Bits for their contributing to this page.

What might have been…
This logo was the initial prototype logo for the new company. With thanks to Roddy Buxton and Transdiffusion for the permission to display the picture here.


The first globe…
Upon launch, Central’s on screen presentation featured a sphere which resembled a moon/total eclipse which would burst open with light before reforming, accompanied by a light jingle, but was dropped and revised during 1982.

Central Presents
So, you’ve just taken over from ATV, how do you introduce an ATV programme? With this caption of course…

Colour Globe
This second, less explosive ident was launched in 1983 in conjunction with the first logo.

Static Globe
This is the static version was used in conjunction with in-vision continuity.

Start up

Images from the Central start-up sequence from early 1982.

Images from the Central start-up sequences from Later in 1982 and onward


1982 – Spring 1983

Spring 1983- 1985.


Early 1982

Later 1982 – 1983
Start of the menu was also used for promos.

Later 1982 – 1983

1984 – 1985.


In-vision: 1982

In-vision :
The coloured stripes were added to continuity and presentation from December 1982.

Promo Endbroad 1984

Promo style 1985

It was direct copy of the ATV clock, but never lasted long.

Close down: 1982

Close down: 1983-1985
A selection of slides used during closedowns.

Production Endcaps