On 4th September 1992, a new look for LWT appeared, sometimes coined as the flying blocks’ ITV logo appeared for Networked shows, ( ITV was dropped from both in 1994) .

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Flying blocks
Accompanied by a fantastic reworking of David Dundas’ ‘ITV Logo’ soundtrack used in the 1989 ident.

Flare Ident
An additional ident “Flare” was introduced in early 1994, and was used along side “Flying blocks”. The Ident was also used as a next bumper. Flare was withdrawn in 1995.

Break Bumper
The same break bumper from 1989 continued to be used until 1996.

Slides 1992.

Next sting 1992

Next sting 1993


Promo Endboards

London Weekend – 1995-1996 Ident
In 1995 a new ident and presentation was created specially for LWT regional programmes.

London Weekend – Local Promotion

Next Slides: 1995 -1996