BBC One: 15th November 1990

0600: BBC Breakfast News

0850: Daytime UK

  • 0850 Daytime UK.
  • 0900 BBC News Headlines (includes Regional News and Weather).
  • 0905 Brainwave.
  • 0925 Dish of the Day.
  • 0930 People Today.
  • 1000 BBC News Headlines (includes Regional News and Weather).
  • 1005 Playdays.
  • 1025 Pingu.
  • 1035 People Today.
  • 1100 BBC News Headlines (includes Regional News and Weather).
  • 1105 Kilroy.
  • 1145 Before Noon.
  • 1200 BBC News Headlines (includes Regional News and Weather).
  • 1205 After Noon.
  • 1220 Scene Today.

1255: Regional News

1300: One O’Clock News
Followed by Weather.

1330: Neighbours
“When in doubt, have a man come through a door with a gun in his hand,” advised Raymond Chandler. Sitcom writers have similar devices, one of which is a cosy, intimate dinner for two: if they’ve had a quarrel, it can be bring about reconcilliation; if they are contemplating a liason, it can do the trick. Harold, going through a bad patch with Madge, has booked a table for tonight.

1350: Going for Gold
Quiz with Henry Kelly.

1415: Film: The Blue Lamp
Interesting for all sorts of reasons – views of London, a documentary style police thriller written by Ted Willis and T. E. B. Clarke, but above all the first appearance of Police Constable George Dixon, portrayed to the manor born by Jack Warner. Who could have forseen how many “Evening All” adventures lay ahead? With Dirk Bogarde and Robert Flemyng.

1540: Tom and Jerry

1550: Children’s BBC

  • 1550 The Brollys.
  • 1605 Clockwise.
  • 1620 Fantastic Max.
  • 1635 Maid Marian and Her Merry Men.
  • 1700 Newsround.
  • 1705 Blue Peter.

1735: Neighbours

1800: Six O’Clock News
Followed by Weather.

1830: Regional News

1900: Top of the Pops
A simultaneous broadcast with BBC Radio 1.

1930: EastEnders

2000: Tomorrow’s World
Including a report from Korea on how acorns can be used to clean heavy metals.

2030: Birds of a Feather
‘Love on the Run’. Tracey’s gaolbird husband, taken to hospital with appendicitis, sees a chance for one night of love with his wife. She doesn’t tell Sharon, but neighbour Dorien finds out and devises a devious plan, not unconnected with her own erractic love life.

2100: Nine O’Clock News
Followed by Regional News and Weather.

2130: One Foot in the Grave
‘Timeless Time’. David Renwick brings his diverting comedy series to an end with an episode in which Victor and Margaret just can’t sleep and neither can their neighbour. How would you like to live next door to people like the Meldrews?

2200: Your Cheatin’ Heart
‘The Last Roundup’. Or Gunfight at the Och Aye Corral, perhaps, as John Byrne’s Scottish country-and-western romp reaches a suitably noisy, involved climax with everyone heading for Aberdeen – Jim Bob O’May (Guy Mitchell) with a motorcycle escort; Dorwood, Cissie, and Frank in another party; and Fraser Boyle at the wheel of his fish van, accompanied by tattooist Cherokee George. Confused? You will be.

2250: Question Time
A Cambridge audience awaits the panel: the Conservative Party chairman, Kenneth Baker; Shadow Trade and Industry Secretary, Gordon Brown; the President of the National Viewers’ and Listeners’ Association, Mrs Mary Whitehouse; the Bishop of Durham, Right Reverend David Jenkins.

2350: Nearly Departed
Ghostly American comedy with Eric Idle.

0015: Weatherline

0020: Close