BBC One: 18th February 1985

0600: Ceefax AM

0650: Breakfast Time
With Frank Bough and Selina Scott

0920: Pages from Ceefax

1030: Play School

1050: Pages from Ceefax

1210: A Change in the Weather
A look at the new style BBC weather forecasts which from today uses computer technology.

1230: News After Noon
Followed by Regional News.

1300: Pebble Mill at One

1345: Postman Pat

1400: Ken Hom’s Chinese Cookery

1425: See Hear!
A repeat of yesterday’s edition of the magazine for the deaf and hard of hearing.

1450: Songs of Praise
Repeat from yesterday.

1525: Pages from Ceefax

1548: Regional News
[Except London/SE].

1550: Play School: It’s Monday!

1610: Superted

1615: Jackanory

1630: Bananaman

1635: Fonz and the Happydays Gang

1655: Newsround

1705: Blue Peter

1735: Grange Hill

1800: Six O’Clock News
With Sue Lawley and Nicholas Witchell.

1835: Regional News Magazines

1900: Wogan
The first edition of Terry Wogan’s thrice-weekly talk show. This programme was preceeded by the first showing of BBC One’s new COW (computer-originated world) symbol.

1940: Fame

2030: Are You Being Served?
The first episode of the final series of the department store comedy.

2100: Nine O’Clock News

2125: Panorama
The BBC’s flagship current affairs programme moves to a new, later slot.

2205: Film: Dirty Harry
Starring Clint Eastwood.

2340: A Change in the Weather
Shown earlier.

0000-0005: Weather and Close