Jeff Randall Live

Jeff Randall Live is a business programme which is broadcast on Sky News in the United Kingdom at 19:00 from Monday to Thursday. It began on 24 September 2007 as a weekly show, and is hosted by the business journalist Jeff Randall. The show features interviews with some of the UK’s leading business, financial and political figures, with past guests including the billionaire tycoon Philip Green, and former Chancellor Alistair Darling.

In January 2009, Jeff Randall joined Sky News on a permanent basis with the programme becoming part of the daily schedule instead of its previous weekly status when it only aired on a Monday In September 2010, Jeff Randall Live was extended to a one-hour slot Monday-Thursday, this follows the axing of, which until then aired in the previous 30 minute slot.

It was announced on Friday 19 July that the show was to end in Summer 2014, after Randall decided not to renew his contract with BskyB.

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