BBC Two: 1979-1986

In 1979, BBC2 adopted the world’s first computer-generated ident, with the logo being drawn live every time it was played. This version of the 2 had orange double lines either side and the 2 itelf was orange double lined. This stripy 2 had been used on promotions and holding slides for years prior to its launch, and now it was part of a bigger branding package. For the first few years of the ident, it would be accompanied by a fanfare as it scrolled onto the screen. There were versions of the ident where the ident scrolled on, scrolled off and remained static. The clock used alongside this high tec 3D ident, was anything but. The old clock filmed from the NODD room survived, with a new 2D logo and sporting black and orange colours. However, in 1980, BBC2 got its own electronic clock including 3D legend and centre dot.

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Main Ident


Into 86 style


1979-1980– with thanks to Deltic1976



Slide – with thanks To Benriggers and Sdaonline

Slide – Deltic1976

BBC1 Cross Promotions slides

Early 1985-Easter 1986