GMTV: 2002-2003

GMTV updated its titles to GMTV Today on 2 September 2002, and again several times throughout the next year.  As part of the station’s 10th anniversary, special "10 Years At The Top" presentation was created, and the website relaunched at a new address a few weeks earlier, in November 2002. The station clock was redesigned for the first time in several years, however most other presentation and programme titles remained unchanged. The backdrop used behind the presenting sofa was however modified to a more blue shade.

The Iraq War in early 2003 influenced programming and presentation on GMTV, as during the height of the conflict the entire programme was rebranded as ‘GMTV Today’, however retaining a much stronger news agenda throught the morning.  Theme music used was from the more sombre ‘Sunday Programme’ package and John Stapleton reported from Kuwait (and later Iraq), live during the programme.


News Headlines Shots

GMTV Today

Titles (September 2002)
These titles were in the same style as the previous season – presenters replacing generic season shots.

Alternate pics

Titles (November 2002)
Titles were soon changed to a version showing the presenters shots in circles. Weather presenters Andrea McLean and Clare Nasir only appeared on the titles if they were presenting that particular day.


Revised Endboards with new website address

Entertainment Today


Presenter Shots

Studio and Presenter Shots

Astons / Split Screen

Breakdown Caption

GMTV Text Alerts

‘Ten Years at the Top’



Christmas Presentation 2002

Main Titles

GMTV Today Titles

GMTV Today Sting

Iraq War

‘GMTV Today’ continued throughout the programme at the height of the conflict, carrying the ‘War on Saddam’ branding. Titles were revised after a week or so to include clips of the reporting work GMTV had so far done from the Middle East.

Countdown to Conflict

War on Saddam Titles (1)

War on Saddam Titles (2)