ITV2: 2013-2015

In line with the corporate rebranding of ITV, ITV2 received a new look on 14 January 2013. The channel’s slogan became “the home of infectious entertainment”, and received a “hot red” version of the logo and red on-screen identity, including new idents.

ITV said about the new look:

If there’s a straight way to do things in life, then ITV2 will always choose a playful way to do it. That’s why at the heart of it the new idents is the idea of ‘Play’. We wanted to invite people to be more playful in life and to not take things too seriously. This is a ‘youthful’ behavior that everyone can connect to and is a truth that’s anchored in ITV2’s programming.


Supermarket Joust

Office Fan Tennis


Lion Walker

Bubblewrap Sumo

Hay Bales

Workmen with Wheelbarrows

Swimming Pool Party

Love Island

Next and Later

Later tonight

Tomorrow, next and whats on ITV.

Love Island: Next bumper


Break Bumper

Love Island Break bumper


Promo Endboard

Promo Endboard

ITV Promo
Promoting ITV Daytime, on ITV2


ITV Player

ITV Player
Promoting an ITV2 programme

ITV Player
Promoting an ITV2 programme: Autumm 2014 onwards.