Granada: 1999 – 2006

A selection of presentation used by Granada from 1999 until 2006.

1999-2002 Ident

After refusing the first set of generic idents in 1989, Granada took on the new hearts symbols on 8 November 1999. Sadly, this was the last ident to feature regional continuity as in 2002, ITV1 went national, and all regional symbols were thrown out the window.

Floor painting


On the beach


Generic Version

The ident was updated on 11 August 2001 to co-incide with the new ITV1 branding.

2002 – 2004
Granada was rebranded to ITV Granada on 28 October 2002, and the ITV1 celebrity idents in use across England and Wales employed the ‘Granada’ identifier only before regional non-news programming. The two idents here feature Lucy Meacock, presenter of Granada Reports, and This Morning host Philip Schofield.

2004 – 2006
Another new look for ITV1 from November 1st 2004.   Also featured is the special ITV50 ident used in the region.

A new ITV logo was introduced on January 16th 2006, and the Granada text gets even smaller.