Scottish Television: 1957-1985

Scottish Television (now legally known as STV Central Ltd and referred to on-air as STV) is Scotland’s largest ITV franchisee, and has held the ITV franchise for Central Scotland since 31 August 1957. It is the second oldest ITV franchisee still active (Granada Television being the oldest). The channel is now owned and operated by STV Group plc (formerly SMG plc), which also owns another independent television franchise, Grampian Television (now STV North), based in Aberdeen.

STV Central produces news for the West and East halves of its transmission region (STV News at Six) along with current affairs, politics and sports programmes (in both English and Gaelic) for Northern and Central Scotland. Along with STV North and ITV Tyne Tees & Border, STV Central is a rival to the publicly funded national broadcaster, BBC Scotland. The station is based in Pacific Quay.

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In 1957, the ident was a simple text ident displaying “Scottish Television presents”. It then changed to a lion rampant with the word Scottish above and Television below as a static caption. Around 1960/61 this was replaced by the logo seen below with four white squares separated by a thin centre cross. the letters S, T, V, in three boxes and the lion rampant in the fourth.

In 1965, the spinning lion made his debut, but the animation was later changed to a simple zoom following complaints from The Lord Lyon King of Arms, the man in charge of protecting Scotland’s heraldry.
The spinning version of the ident can be seen here.

Zoom version

1970 – 1985

After the start of colour broadcasting, the lion rampant symbol was replaced within a year by a stylised ‘STV’ logo. Throughout  its 15 year rein, the stylised STV changed very little.  This first version showed a zooming STV, by the mid 1970s it was updated.

From 1974 the ident was revised to form a tartan pattern.

1982.c – 1985
During the early part of the 1980s the ident was updated into a static version, and this animated cylindrical STV symbol. This ident came off a VT Cart and if a commercial break failed due to a compressed air failure on the VT cart machine (which was common at the time) then the ident failed as well, hence STV continuation using slides as well since these were reliable.

Left: STV Ident slides. Used from late 1970s – 1985.
The late Steve Hamilton doing in-vision continuity.

STV office ident slides

Left: Closedown Menu. Right: Promotion about the STV community vehicle.

Programme promo