Watch: 2010-2012

Watch updated its logo, idents and presentation on 23 September 2010, after announcing a few months earlier that it intended to overhaul the image of the station. Based around the idea that TV is better shared, the tagline introduced by creative agency Harriman Steel was "Watch… Together".  The idents were inspired by the Japanese Black Cinema style of mime and performance, and "each portray a different Watch world, filled with humour, warmth and insight”.


‘Playful Picnic’

‘A Night Out’

‘A Night In’

‘Catch Up Cafe’


Presentation on Watch features blue, pink and green versions.

Break Animation 1

Break Animation 2

Break Animation 3

Break Flash 1

Break Flash 2

Break Flash 3

Quick Break Flash

Station Promo

Programme Promo Style 1

Programme Promo Style 2

Programme Promo Style 3

Programme Promo Style 4

Programme Preview Menu